Principal Linux Files




Linux kernel


Configuration of smb (Samba) daemon


Account information for Samba users


Web server configuration file


Web server configuration file


Web server configuration file


Aliases and options for loadable kernel modules


Filesystems mounted or available for mounting


Group information


Map of IP numbers to hostnames


Hosts allowed to access Internet services


Hosts forbidden to access Internet services


Configuration for the inetd daemon, which controls access to Internet services


Configuration for the init daemon, which controls executing processes


Linux kernel and distribution version


Loader ( lilo) configuration file


Options for useradd and related commands


Userids allowed to use minicom


Mounted filesystems


User account information


Printer options and capabilities


Default environment for users of BASH shell


Scripts for system and process startup and shutdown


Scripts for system boot


Secure user account information


Skeleton files used to establish new user accounts


Terminal capabilities and options


X configuration file


Log of web server access


Log of web server errors


System log


Directory for at and cron configuration files