The messages:


dlina50 shirina70 glubina 12 sm

pan mask 252

pinsafe 8150
Tallinn1 , router Tallinn

s 2015 za otsutstvie straxovki nalog 2 % obamacare new-york exchanges poisk v google deductuble - poka ne naberetsa summa (napr 5000), posle chego kompania nachnt platit
rogue dhcp

!1 848 702 4494 SERG


2894 pin 1257 bad dns



Quiz Buddies

tweed jacket women'

pass admkmk021

Envirotxt GSM







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ddns-update-style interim;
ignore client-updates;
subnet netmask {
option tftp-server-name "";
option routers;
option subnet-mask;
option domain-name-servers;
option ntp-servers;
option time-offset -18000; range dynamic-bootp;
default-lease-time 21600;
max-lease-time 43200;
Dial the number (code) that the speed dial number is store in (2 through 9). 2. Press the # key.

When Selective Call Acceptance is on you will only receive calls from the people on your list.

knoppix myconfig=/mnt/hda1
iface eth0 inet static

uname -a
ls /etc/*release*
ls /etc/*version*
lsb_release -d
cat /etc/issue

PE 120 gw 217

router 2600 s/n cnmbab0ara
p/n 47-5584-02 rev ad
lela - 486875 1.30
mimgebi 486763 486790 1.40
gela 486791 1.5

fsk vs dtmf

Port forwarding with cisco router:
ip nat inside source list 101 interface FastEthernet0/0 overload
access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq www
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface FastEthernet0/1 80

A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor with an optimized architecture for the fast operational needs of digital signal processing.

The first time, start Asterisk in console mode with some debugging applied. If it does not start, check the hardware requirements.
$ asterisk -vvvvc

 run 3izess


 While working in setup mode, a configuration line is typed incorrectly. What
 should you do to exit setup mode, without executing or saving any of the
 mistakes you made? ------- Press the Ctrl-X key combination vs Ctrl-C ???



 Runts are packets that are discarded because they are smaller than the
 medium's minimum packet size.

 The lightweight access point will send Layer 2 Lightweight Access Point
 (LWAPP) mode discovery request messages. If the attempt fails, the LAP will
 try Layer 3 LWAPP WLC discovery
 You are troubleshooting a frame relay connection and wish to view the LMI
 traffic stats. Which command should you issue? Show frame-relay lmi
 Cisco routers use the Cisco frame relay encapsulation type for all frame
 relay interfaces. This is perfectly acceptable in all routers within the
 network are Cisco routers, but problems can arise for frame relay networks
 when a router from a different vendor is used. To prevent these problems,
 the industry standard IETF frame relay encapsulation should be used. To
 configure this, use the "encapsulation frame-relay ietf" interface command.
 frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast
 The broadcast option allows packets, such as RIP updates, to be forwarded
 across the PVC
 When troubleshooting connections between two directly connected routers over
 a frame relay network, the first step would be to issue the "show
 interfaces" command to ensure that the interfaces and line protocol is up
 for each. If they are indeed up, then the next step would be to troubleshoot
 the frame relay connection itself and looking at the status of the PVC by
 using the "show frame-relay map" and "show frame-relay pvc" commands.
 -- lcman reset


adsl sra show *


238.41.17 dial up

gvrp port info portid 4 portvlanid 121

nagiosadmin CRITICAL if the round trip average (RTA) is greater than 600 milliseconds or the packet loss is 60% or more 24ports_Com ws-c3548 .16 // 48port office .29 // cauc 2811 router 34.98 // lun 2811 router .15 //main ws-c3750e .1 // cpanel 41.42 // 36.14 // serviice 41.42 // shape .20 z1 41.41 // z4 41.46 // z5 41.48 // z6 41.49 // z7 41.79




877943333 877588333 georgi

SETTING AN IP ADDRESS ON THE PRINTER If an IP address has already been set on your printer (usually by your network administrator) you do not need to follow these steps. To check to see if a network address has been set: 1. Turn the printer on. 2. Press the On Line button to take the printer off line. 3. Press the Menu button 8 times until you see the words a??Printer Informationa?? with the word a??configurationa?? on the second line in the display. 4. Press the Enter Key once. The printer will print a configuration page.


net stop spooler
ips: - G, -dns

"tftp-server flash" as a tftp server