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CNet router commands

get dsl params - to view download/upload rate, annex type and snr

get host info - to view ip and sessions

get interface stats ifname eth-0 - to view mac address of the eth-0 port

get smtp address - to view simple mail transfer protocol address ?

get snmp host (get snmp traphost works in dslam) - to view hosts and passwords

get dsl config - to view connection standard, possible standard (adsl2+, gdmt), annex type

get dsl stats curr - to view line errors current

get dsl stats hist - to view line errors for the last 24 hour

get stp info - to view all spanning tree protocol information: which port is designated root, timers, whether stp is enabled or disabled.
Analog of show spanning-tree in Cisco

get icmp stats - to view pings, analog of - ip icmp status

modify dsl config -to change connection standard , analog of wan adsl opencmd adsl2plus

get nbsize - view maximum allowed connectins

modify nbsize maxipsess 192 - to change number of sessions. cnet has 192 by default.Connected with "WARNING : ATM VC Congested " message.

get system - vsiakaia erunda, uptime ne dsl linka a modema , kogda on vkliuchen v pitanie

Blocking unwanted ports:
create ipf rule entry ruleid 1 ifname private act deny dir in srcaddr lt destaddr any transprot eq tcp srcport any destport eq num 25 tcpflag any enable storestate disable todstatus disable
applying rule:
modify ipf global seclevel low
checking status and rule itself:
get ipf rule entry ruleid 1
viewing stats:
get ipf rule stats

modify rip global enable - to tun on rip

get rip stats - to view rip

traceroute dname ping - traceroute command

ping dname - ping command
traceroute dname ping -q 4 - traceroute + ping combined

get user - learn username

get bras cfg This field specifes whether Bridge Router Auto Sense (BRAS) feature is enabled or disabled. If enabled, the modem's PPoE client is disabled when a PPoE client is detected on the LAN.