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Specific Zyxel ip dslam ies 1248 commands:

adsl show - to view all or specific port name, profile and phone

adsl disable | enable 32 - to turn off/on port - port numbers the same, beginning with 1

stat adsl linedata 5 - view line statistics
stat adsl show - "home" analog

stat adsl lineratee - shows up/down, like wan adsl chandata

stat mac - to view mac address of the adsl router, if the line is up

adsl loopback 1 f5 0 33

Creating and checking vlans

switch vlan show 1~1000 - to view all vlans configured on ports

switch vlan pvid 1 126 - to assign to the port #1 vlan#126

switch vlan set 128 1:FU VLAN128 -to make on the 1st port vlan 128 fixed and untagged, renames vlan to vlan128

switch vlan set 57 1:X VLAN57 - makes on the 1st port vlan 57 forbidden, vlan name should be present, otherwise command deletes it


sw vl pv 22 166
sw vl se 166 22:FU Vlan166
sw vl se 11 22:X Vlan11

switch vlan portshow - to viev all ports and their vlans

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zyxel dslam shortcuts
CTRL+D deletes whole line
CTRL+H deletes 1 symbol back
CTRL+M brings initial promt " ras>"
CTRL+L clears window